Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using the Notice of Liability?

You've gotten a glimpse of the world-changing potential of the Notice of Liability — wonderful! To get more insight about how this works, we recommend that you first read through all of the FAQs.

To begin the Notice of Liability (NoL) process, join our membership community at

As a member, you will be able to study the NoL. Men and women report that when they consider every word put forth in the document and allow it to really sink in, something inside of them changes. As they sow their time and energy into these truths, they come to walk in the fullness of authority that is actually already theirs.

This exhilarating experience is even better when shared with others. Something amazing happens when people help one another, and discuss and grow together. On the members site, you will be able to sign up on our directory so that you can network with others in your area, and share knowledge, resources, and support.

In addition to having access to all of our NoL causes, a media library, and many other educational tools, you will have information about group mailings. When a group of people can meet, complete their NoLs, and share witnesses and a hired notary, things are made much easier.

Is there support as I go through the NoL process?

Yes, support is available to you through our InPower Community platform. We would like to help everyone who wants to send the Notice of Liability (NoL); however, we have found that to do this effectively, a membership community is needed to facilitate a working relationship between you, the InPower teams, and those in your community.

Moving through the NoL process with a group of others is very helpful and carries the added benefits of friends working together, shared knowledge and resources (e.g., witnesses and notaries), and reduced mailing costs.

We also have some volunteers who have successfully led groups through the NoL process and can assist newly-forming groups.

We do our best to answer inquiries from non-members as quickly as possible. Please note that we are all volunteers and have limited resources at the moment.

To get involved immediately, please consider joining our InPower Community platform. Membership involves "giving back," so we do ask that everyone bring something of value to help build a secure digital presence for this world-wide grassroots movement. A minimal donation of $15 per month will give you access to the community platform.

Who is eligible to do the NoL?

One must be at least 18 years of age to be a claimant (or to be a witness for a claimant) in the Notice of Liability (NoL) process.

The NoL process is for those who want be part of a greater solution benefiting humanity as a whole.

If you are ready to reclaim your authority as a man or woman, and are willing to invest the time and energy needed, then the NoL is for you.

This process does require some study. We recommend that you become a member so that you can read the NoL more than once, and review our support materials for a deeper understanding of this process.

To join, go to

Are there NoLs available for other causes?

Yes! The first InPower Notice of Liability (NoL) was created specifically to address and resolve the problems of trespassing technology with electric, gas, and water smart meters. It has since been adapted for other causes such as 5G, mandatory vaccinations, and geoengineering.

Each NoL must take into account the unique history, languages, laws, and other conditions native to its country. The Notice of Liability for Trespassing Technology is always the first NoL to be adapted in a country.

InPower’s adaptation process requires that the NoL be created with the input of experts in each cause; and regarding each country, with the input of its people. Without this specialized experience, InPower could not support these adaptations.

If you would like to view a sample of the UK NoL for Trespassing Technology (smart meters), please join the InPower Community platform. You will also have access to NoLs specific to the following causes:

Smart Meters

Smart communities have been saying no to smart meters. Whether you are concerned about safety, privacy, or your overall health, you have the right to decline or replace a smart meter on your home, apartment, or office building. This was our first cause and has some of the highest level of interest worldwide, with a number of success stories.

5G Technology

As wireless technology improves from a data transmission standpoint, the amount of radiation exposure to people, animals, insects, and building structures also increases. While it may seem that you cannot control the installation of these high-powered transmitters, communities are banding together to halt 5G roll-outs and reduce their exposure.


Doctors, nurses, and parents want safe vaccines and better health outcomes for their communities. But regardless of whether you have ethical or religious-based concerns over vaccine ingredients or development, the ever-increasing number of vaccines on the childhood schedule (more than 80 doses in the United States), or whether you are facing workplace vaccine mandates, you should have a choice.


So-called weather modification to reduce "climate change" is just another weapon that is being used in concert with the other agendas. Aerosols contain, among other things, metal particulates and nanoparticles that are breathed in to be targeted by the 5G weapon system. Storms, earthquakes, and other seemingly natural phenomena are also being controlled and utilized as weapons.

How is the NoL process different from other approaches to remedy the "smart" grid problem or other causes?

The InPower Notice of Liability (NoL), also known as the Notice of Liability process, is a mass action undertaken by a man or woman protecting his or her rights and enforcing the liability of those who are causing or facilitating harm. It is a powerful, lawful remedy utilizing fundamental law and the rules of commerce to turn the tables on the individuals who have been hiding behind corporations (including corporate governments) as they inflict for-profit harm upon men, women, and children.

The NoL is a comprehensive, multi-round process, based upon sending a series of notices—written templates created by InPower and customized for each participant—which establish a framework for contractually-enforceable, individual liability.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen that other traditional legal approaches, complaints, and appeals have failed to achieve success because of apparent multilayered, systemic corruption and collusion. Those causing the harm are simply ignoring the complainants.

In contrast, the NoL process enables participants to access and reclaim their full unalienable rights, and uses the corporate system's own rules against them to establish corporate and individual liability.

For example, in the case of "smart" meters, utilities are essentially changing the terms of their service contracts with each customer without full disclosure of harm. They are also using "implied consent" to assume that a customer agrees—even if the customer says that they do not agree but uses an "incorrect" method of communication (according to ancient commercial process).

Our Notice of Liability recognizes that a utility's desire to install a "smart" meter is a contractual offer, which we conditionally accept in a written notice—provided they can disprove our affidavit* (a document that we verify as true), point-by-point, with an affidavit of their own. If they cannot do so, then our affidavit and terms stand as fact, and each man or women (respondent) who receives our NoL is individually subject to the terms of our conditional acceptance (counteroffer).

These terms include a per-day fee schedule in a dollar amount of your choosing (as you have the power to create terms) when they move into violation of your terms by failing to remove smart meters at or near your dwelling and workplace. These amounts are binding, and subsequent document templates and plans for enforcement are in place. Respondents are unable to disprove the statements made in the NoL or the facts used in the affidavit because your facts are true and verifiable, whereas their propaganda are not.

The NoL process implements Contract Law, Common Law, Commercial Law (Uniform Commercial Code), and Law Merchant. It is multi-faceted and operates in multiple jurisdictions, including spiritual. The NoL is based upon a higher level of understanding of how this system has been created and operates.

If you would like to send an NoL to the authorities in your area (for smart meters, mandatory vaccinations, 5G technology, or geoengineering) please join our InPower Community platform. You will have access to all of these NoLs, plus educational materials and a supportive community.

*The InPower Affidavit contains a Plain Statement of Facts listing evidence that smart meters cause harm to all biological life, cause fires, and illegally harvest private data of each man, woman, and child.

How many people are already using the Notice of Liability?

Because we released the Notice of Liability (NoL) as a free download several years ago, it is difficult to know exactly who and how many people are using the documents. We simply have no way of knowing all the men and women who have committed to this process.

With the InPower Community platform we are now able to record the NoL processes initiated and completed by every claimant. Everyone who generates their documents through the membership community will have access to InPower support, education, and enforcement strategies.

In the beginning stages of our online presence, we were overwhelmed with global interest in using this revolutionary remedy. The InPower Community platform has alleviated this challenge and provides the ability to effectively support the growing demand to hold public officials liable for trespassing technology and other harms. Financial support generated by members is a requirement for maintaining a secure, world-wide infrastructure capable of supporting this genuine people's movement.

We ask for a $15 per-month donation to be a part of the InPower Community platform. Please join us and Reclaim Your Authority!

How do I know that the NoL process is worthwhile? What is the success rate?

This process of holding public officials liable for trespassing technology has never been done before, but it is having an enormous impact on those who are being served the Notice of Liability (NoL). Since 2015, a number of public officials who have received the NoL have stepped down from their positions.

Whereas petitions, protesting in the streets, attending public hearings, costly class action lawsuits, hiring attorneys, or writing letters has had little to no effect, the NoL has had demonstrable successes. These amount to many moving parts and moving targets, all of which the InPower staff is carefully monitoring.

We do not advertise our victories, as we have found that when we do, the utilities will choose the weaker individuals in that victory and seek to harass them.

We can share with you the fact that all of the people in the initial Seattle group kept their analogue meters. In other cities where we had seed groups, what happened was much the same, with multiple cases of respondents (officials) stepping down.

On a wider scale, it is hard to document the past successes, since so many people across the country have been serving the NoL without notifying us or seeking support. From those who do contact us, we learn that many people who have taken pro-active measures with the NoL have been able to keep the smart meters off. Some are paying opt-out fees, and some are not.

Here are some success examples:

• On January 30, 2015, Brett Hodson, the CEO of Corix Utilities (the installer of smart meters in British Columbia), received more than 100 Notices of Liability from people in Kelowna. On February 4th, he received a separate Notice of Default. On the same day, he resigned from office.

• It is worth noting that this action was also sent to Len Kelsey, the chair of the BC Utilities Commission. In late 2015 he quietly resigned, as well.

• After being defaulted by just 21 people, three of the nine Seattle City Council members (Sally Clark, Tom Rasmussen, and Nick Licata) announced that they would not be seeking re-election—including one who resigned before her term was finished.

• On March 13th, Jorge Carrasco, the defaulted CEO of Seattle City Light (the 10th largest public utility in the nation), announced his resignation.

• After being defaulted by another 21 individuals, the Michigan attorney general began calling for a free opt-out.

• Four of the eight Michigan Public Services Commission officers being held liable are no longer listed on the Commission’s web site.

• David Greim, a city attorney in Warren, Michigan also resigned, but not before sending a letter to one of the claimants stating that the utility had a budget of $21 million set aside for paying off state legislators.


To learn more, become a member of the InPower Community at

Does it matter where I live when utilizing the NoL?

No, it does not matter where you live. Anyone of legal age and of sound mind has the right to contract. The Notice of Liability (NoL) process is rooted in our individual right and power to negotiate contracts.

The organization and individuals seeking to change their contract with you must have your consent to that contractual change. If you do not respond to their "offer," you have tacitly consented and are then bound by the new contract.

With "smart" meters, for example, the company offers you a "smart" meter by giving notice. That notice could be a letter, a flyer included with your bill, or a newspaper article discussing the wonderful new technology that will allow you to see how much power you are using day-to-day. It could even be a notice or a discussion of the technology on the company's website.

If you would like to learn more while helping to support the platform needed to accommodate NoLs specific to a number of countries, please consider joining our community.

How much time will it take to move through the NoL process?

The Notice of Liability (NoL) is a framework of grace and timing. A highly motivated person can complete all nine rounds of the NoL in as few as eight months. However, in our experience it usually takes longer, depending on various circumstances.

Please join the InPower Community platform to meet others and start your process.

How much will it cost to go through the NoL process?

As the Notice of Liability (NoL) documents are accessible by membership only, the cost begins with a $15 per-month donation. This will give you all of the benefits of membership, including access to all nine rounds of the NoL process (for any or all of the causes at InPower).

After the documents of each round are emailed to you in PDF format, you will need to print them, make copies, and pay for notary services (required for rounds with affidavits) and postage (including certified mail).

In the US, basic mailing for one envelope costs about $6. With four recipients, this amounts to less than $24 per round. (The nine rounds are spread out over eight months or more.)

Notaries are quite inexpensive in the US (usually $1 - $10), and their services can often be found for free (making it fairly easy for the documents of all rounds to be notarized, which is what we recommend).

While the prices for all of these costs vary from country to country, if your NoL is sent with a group using the same respondents, the costs can be reduced considerably.

Can I use or modify the NoL template that I downloaded when it was posted on your website?

The only way to access InPower's Notice of Liability (NoL) documents is with the semi-automated document creator available through our membership site. InPower will only support these documents now.

Each NoL document set has been put forth as a balanced whole, and none are designed to be modified or used elsewhere.

We cannot and will not be responsible for or provide any support to your process for any changes made, as they may cause unintended harm to your rights or standing. Considerable education is needed before attempting to alter these documents. Any changes made are done at your own risk.

I have already begun the NoL process. Do I need to become a member to complete all nine rounds?

Yes. InPower can only support InPower members. To access all rounds of the Notice of Liability (NoL), you must use our document creator, which is available only to those with a current membership.

The document creator ensures that your documents are accurately and securely recorded, and keeps track of all recipients of the NoL.

If you have begun the NoL process using the document(s) that you downloaded in the past, it will benefit you to become a member so that you can access the remaining rounds with full support from the InPower team and community.

Once you are on board, you will enter your data into the document creator using the documents of all of your rounds. After you have entered each round in order, you will be able to go forward with the rounds that you have not yet sent.

As a member of the InPower Community, you will also have access to a wealth of educational materials and a way to network with others in your area.

To join, visit

How do I become an InPower member?

To become a member of the InPower Community platform, please go to

A $15 per-month donation is required to join.

Your donation is needed to maintain the website, security, and programming. Current InPower staff are all unpaid volunteers.

As a member, you will have access to the community website where you will be able to connect with others in your area, explore the growing body of educational materials, and begin your Notice of Liability process using our automated document creator.

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